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Client's Charter


•    To protect the sovereignty and integrity of the country;
•    To act proactively in ensuring security, peace and safety of the people;
•    To support and assist the Government’s efforts in administration and safety of the people;
•    To strengthen the relationship between the military and civilian as well as enhance the credibility and ability of MAF for the interest of national well-being;
•    To participate in the efforts to improve peace and security in countries within the region through the implementation of bilateral and multilateral activities as well as confidence-building measures; and
•    To support peace efforts and humanitarian aid operations in the international arena.


  • The MAF Headquarters does not provide services to the public other than operational and regimental administration. For example, MAF does not have public offices, information counter and helpdesk where individuals can inquire for and obtain services. Services provided by the MAF Headquarters are to the public as a whole rather than to individuals.
  • MAF Headquarters is committed to provide an efficient customer service to individuals or organizations that deal with MAF. This charter refers to the standards of service outlined and approved by the Malaysian Government in accordance with the principles of a excellent customer service.
  • The Client Charter is in general terms and guided by the Division / Branch / Department direction under the MAF Headquarters that interact with individual or public organizations. The Division / Branch / Department are as follow:
    • Defence Operations and Training Division;
    • National Defence University of Malaysia;
    • Personnel Services Division;
    • Defence Communications and Electronics Division;
    • Health Services Division;
    • Defence Logistics Division;
    • Public Service Division; and
    • Reserve Division.


1. Complaint Management

  • Acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the complainant within 24 hours after receiving the complaint.
  • Provide feedback on the status of the complaint whether the actions taken have been completed or require further investigation, within 7 working days after receiving the complaint.


2. Provide acknowledgment of receipt and follow-up actions to be taken against all correspondence officially received by post / registered post / facsimile and email within seven (7) working days from the date of receipt.

3. Visitor Admission Management in the Office / Military Camp

  • If a visitor has an appointment in an office / military camps, he/she is required to register at the Military Guard Room before entering the office / military camp.
  • The working hours for military officers and personnel are from 0800 to 1700. However they are deemed to be on duty 24 hours a day for deployment when necessary according to the orders of their superiors.
  • Visitors are only allowed to enter the office / military camp from 0800 to 1600 only. However they can enter / stay in the military camp subject to the approval of superior officers, and for certain purposes only.
  • Facilities for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are provided. Visitors requiring the facilities must inform the requirement when registering at the Military Guard Room.

4. ICT Management and Development

  • Ensuring a minimum of 99% availability of the network and application systems during working hours and under normal operations.
  • Resolve 100% of ICT security incidents within 24 hours.
  • All maintenance and improvement of ICT equipment are managed within 30 working days after receipt of request to ensure optimum usage of ICT facilities and equipment.

5. MAF Officer and Servicemen Recruitment Session

  • Two recruitment sessions for MAF officers and servicemen are allocated per year. However, this may vary depending on current demands and in certain situations upon instruction of MAF top management (for example in war or emergency situations).
  • o    Information regarding the recruitment sessions will be published in the newspaper or on the website  http://www.jobsmalaysia.gov.my/  where interested individuals may register in advance.


6. Medical Treatment Facilities

  • Members of the military or government services may receive appropriate medical treatment from hospital / medical centre / CRS regardless of age, gender, race, religion or socio-economic status.
  • Members of the military government services who is deemed to require emergency medical treatment shall be given such treatment immediately.
  • Members of the military government services will be treated in a friendly, considerate, respectful, polite, honest and sincere manner.
  • Members of the military government services will be provided with the best possible service and in a professional manner.
  • Members of the military government services will be treated in clean and hygienic facilities and environment
  • Members of the military government services will be provided with advice and clarifications on the services provided them.


7. Education and Studies Facilities at the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM)

  • NDUM recruits candidates each year for the groups listed below. Interested candidates may submit their applications online at http://upu.moe.gov.my in the announced periods. The groups are:
    • SPM level / equivalent;
    • STPM level/equivalent;
    • Post Graduate Medicine Program;
    • Post Graduate Programs.
  • NDUM students will receive information on Academic and General Military Training (LKU) before the semester begins.
  • The academic programs that fulfil the credit approved by the NDUM Senate and LKU training are carried out according to standards and procedures that are verified by qualified academic advisors and counsellor on academic and military disciplines.
  • Students’ personal information, academic information and military training are managed based on the Service Writing in the MAF Staff Regulations Guide (T100).
  • Students (enrolled at SPM / STPM / equivalent levels) who have fulfilled the basic academic program requirement and confirmed by the Senate NDUM will be awarded a Bachelor's degree in the designated field.
  • Students who have been awarded a bachelor's degree and passed all military trainings will be commissioned as an MAF officer. The effective date of commissioning is on the last day of confirmation of the results of the final examination by NDUM Senate or the confirmation results on LKU subjects by MAF Board Number 3.


8. Display of Information to the Public

  • Information displayed on the MAF Headquarters official portal will be presented with a manner which is clear and easy to understand.
  • Speeches, press releases, articles and publications in the MAF Headquarters official portal will be uploaded within one (1) working day of the event / activity taking place.
  • All publications / instructions / doctrines can be accessed in and downloadable from the MAF Headquarters official portal.


9. Evaluation and Reporting

  • Feedback, complaints or suggestions received through email, telephone, mail or online channels will be taken into consideration in the assessment of MAF Headquarters commitment in providing services outlined in this Charter.
  • Feedback from this Charter assessment will be used to improve services provided by MAF Headquarters.