Profil SMR Istiadat ATM


SMR istiadat




He was born on 06th Jan 1978 at Bukit Baru, Melaka and his primary education at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Bukit Baru before continue his education at St David Secondary High School. He joined Royale Malaysian Navy on 14th August 1996 at Pusat Latihan Rekrut Berek TLDM Woodlands Singapura. He entered Cawangan Pelaut Kepakaran Peperangan Atas Permukaan (PAP) after he finished his recruit training. He continued his advance course Class II Junior Able Rate at KD Pelandok and having his on-job-training onboard KD Yu within 6 months. After finished his practical training, he continue his next course in his service which is Class I Able Rate at KD Pelandok for another 6 months. He was then complement onboard KD Serampang and appointed as artillery incharge 40/70 MM Bofors.


           He is married to Madam Julainiakmar Binti Aumran and blessed with a son. His wife work at Ministry of Education, which is a teacher at Sekolah Kebangsaan Polis Depot Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur. He lives at Blok D 5-6 Perumahan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, Desa Pasifik, Jalan Ampang Kiri,55000 Ampang Kuala Lumpur.


           Throughout the journey of his career, he has finished few career and advance courses that organized by RMN and other agencies. Among others were Class II Junior Able Rate, Class I Able Rate, Leading (Q), PO (Q), Gunnery Instructor (GI Q), Operator and Maintenance Artillery 76/62 MM Oto Melara,40/70 MM Oto Breda Twin Barrel,57 MM Bofors Mark 1 and 2,30 MM Oerlikon, Carl Gustav 84 MM,12.7 MM Heavy Machine Gun, Rifle Aug Styer,M4 A3 Carbine, MP 5 9MM,Machine Gun 7.62 MM, Machine SS77 7.62 MM, Pistol 9 MM Browning, Glock 17,vector, RMN Leadership, Development and Evaluation of Training Syllabus, Physical Safety, Operational of CB 90 and assault boat, Organizing Protocol and Ceremonial Events and Integrity Course.


Throughout his career, he has served variety of ships and bases namely as KD YU, KD SERAMPANG, KD LAKSAMANA TUN ABDUL JAMIL, Stesen Terumbu Peninjau(PAPA), Bot Tunda Satu, KD Malaya, KDSI I, Depot Peluru Dan Letupan TLDM, SKTLDM Parit, 96 HAT Lumut, West Logistic Headquarter and prior to present appointment, he served at RMN Headquarter. During his career he has shown a high level of work performance that brought him to be a blue eye boy to his superiors and he is capable to perform all assignment given very well. He also has shown full of respect to all his officers and additionally he a be a good role model and provides excellent guidance to all his subordinates. With the support of the Highertop management and as a result of his hard work, he has been entrusted and being appointed as the first SMR Istiadat of Malaysian Armed Forces started from 27th October 2019 until now.


                         His role and responsibility as an SMR Istiadat Malaysian Armed Forces is to act as an advisor and directly responsible to the Chief of the Armed Forces and the AKS PA on customs and protocols. He also responsible to ensure the empowerment of custom and updates the rule of custom and protocol in Malaysian Armed Forces and federation related to all service in armed forces and Ministry of Prime Minister's (Department of Customs). He also responsible to advise all service in armed forces in order to conduct the parade and quarter guard in a proper way according to strength and its regimental custom. He will ensure that all events are organized smoothly and ensure the attendance of guests at each event. He also responsible to ensure the conduct of the Funeral and Funeral Services of the National Guard and the Funerals of the Armed Forces in accordance with the prescribed ceremonial guidelines direction given by each person in armed forces.