Public Service Department

-To attain professionalism in Public Affairs

-To enhance the image, integrity and the interest of the Malaysian Armed Forces

-The role is to coordinate and carry out promotions as well as publicity programs, dissemination of correct information, activities and news pertaining to Malaysian Armed Forces besides interaction with the public with the view of strengthening the ties. The responsibilities are as follows:

  a. Undertake media coverage on official activities involving the Cheif Of Defence Force (CDF), MAF HQ Chief Of Staff and all Departments under the MAF HQ.
b. To coordinate with MINDEF Corporate Communication on MAF publicity and promotion requirements.
c. To prioritise coverage requirements on training, exercises, social, religious activities in MAF HQ.
d. Dissemination of information on MAF policies (need to know basis) and activities to personnel and the public.
e. Foster and maintain good relationship with the public.
f. Cooperate with MINDEF Corporate Communications Unit pertaining to MAF and MINDEF Public Affairs.