Malaysian Armed Forces Family Welfare (BAKAT)


Malaysian Armed Forces Headquater
Ministry of Defence
Jalan Padang Tembak


-Existed since the Colonial age , in which members consist of the military wives. The activities that has been carried out are to maintain the military family welfare.
-In line with the development of the MAF at the time, the Family Club been divided into three components Army, Navy and Air Force which is under the patronage of their respective services .
-On 1st June 1976, the Family Club has been reorganized in a more structured organization that consists of the Army Wives Club ( PERISAD ) , Navy Wives Association (PERISTELA) and the Air Force (PERISTU). These 3 association has played their role accordingly.
-Then, 1st October 1979 the three associations merged together to form Armed Forces Family Welfare (BAKAT) with the slogan ' Bersama Berbakti ' (Together we serve) .
-BAKAT has its own grouping such as BAKAT MAF, Army, Navy and Air Force. And all of it purpose is to maintain the welfare of militiry families.