Salary and Allowance

-Ceremonial Clothing Allowance for Officers Rs 1500.00 every 3 years.
-Annual Clothing Allowance Officer RM 500.00 per year.
-Claim your way to work.
-Assisted Living Allowance.
-Allowance for eligible specialties.
-Special incentive allowance ATM RM 200.00 per month.

-Incentives for young military personnel who excel in UPSR, PMR and SPM and the offer of higher education.
-Annual bonus (if any).
-Bereavement RM3000.00.

-Free Medical Treatment including for families and parents.
-Ward Class 1 Government Hospital (Follow Ranks).
-Housing Loan / Vehicle / Computer / Education.
-Family home for members / officers who are married.
-Accommodation and meals at the guest house, guest house by the rank of the member / officer Single.
-Shopping facilities in PERNAMA.
-Rebate 25% Fare KTM.
-Warrants travel.
-ATM Group Insurance.
-Opportunity to pursue a Diploma / Bachelor / Master / PhD with ATM sponsorship.
-Annual Leave with the number of days according to rank.
-Facilities and medical expenses for military personnel and their dependents:

  a.Treatment Armed Forces Hospital and the Hospital of the Armed Forces of Malaysia.
b. Treatment at the National Heart Institute.
c. Treatment of renal disease in private dialysis center.
d. Treatment of primary infertility.
e. Emergency treatment in private hospital / clinic.
f. Treatment outside the country depending on the conditions and regulations.
g. Medical facilities are not available / provided (drugs, devices, services, government medical clinic)


-Relief supplies tools.

  a.Orthopedic Supply lat.
b.Supply of wheelchairs.
c. Alatbantu hearing.
d. Supply of other devices.

- Orthopedic Supply lat.
- Supply of wheelchairs.
- Alatbantu hearing.
- Supply of other devices.
- Free ration during training / courses / job.
- Transition training before End of Service.
- Military Cooperative Loan Facility.
- Membership in the Club.
- Sports and Recreational Facilities.
- ATM Educational Loan Fund (TAPAT) and ATM Education Loan Scheme (SPAAT)-Higher Education Loan Without Interest.
- Ease of Voluntary Contribution Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT).